Many highly respected financial market guru’s have predicted that just 1 bitcoin will eventually be worth $1-2 Million. If your not bitcoin betting, you’re missing out big time!

Bitcoin Betting:

Why use Bitcoin?

There are literally thousands of reasons why the world is deciding to convert to Bitcoin and we don’t have the time to go over them all here. But the reasons for betting with Bitcoin are very clear and the benefits are huge. If your not bitcoin betting, you’re missing out big time!

  • Bet anonomously – No sign-up or verification needed.
  • Simple and instant withdrawals – Absolutely no waiting for withdrawals to process.
  • Bet live in-play on any sport – There are no restrictions for certain countries. No phone calls, just straight-up in-play betting with a simple click.
  • No geographic restrictions – Bitcoin bookmakers are not restricted by local red tape.
  • Bigger limits – Bitcoin bookies and casino’s are basically limitless.
  • Bigger bonuses – It’s common to receive matched deposit bonuses of 5 Bitcoin ($100,000).
  • Better odds – Bitcoin bookmakers and casino’s save an absolute fortune on costs and they are able to pass on the savings.
  • Better jackpots – There is a lot of spare Bitcoin floating around on the internet that wind up in these jackpots.
  • The value of Bitcoin has risen 1000% in less than a year – Basically, you can have a win on the tables, and then choose to hold your winnings as an investment if you like.
  • Many highly respected financial market guru’s have predicted 1 bitcoin will eventually be worth $1-2 Million.
  • Eliminates credit card security fraud


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites


  • Sportsbook

    1. CloudBet5BTC BONUS!
    2. Nitrogen Sports – Extremely reliable service and easy-to-use interface.
  • Casino

    1. CloudBet5-BTC WELCOME BONUS!
    2. FortuneJack5-BTC WELCOME BONUS!
    3. Nitrogen Sports – Extremely reliable service and easy-to-use interface.

Is Bitcoin Gambling legal?

Yes, gambling with bitcoin in Australia is 100% safe and legal. There are currently no regulations in place that restrict such activity and it is simply viewed as trading in another form of currency.

Bitcoin betting Australia – As previously mentioned, there are huge benefits to betting online with bitcoin for any punter in the world, but the benefits are multiplied for Australian residents who are used to dealing with an extremely high level of restrictions and regulations.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency which is traded on a peer-to-peer network. It works just like any other currency, only it is digital, which means that it only exists electronically. The other unique aspect to bitcoin and most cryptocurrency’s is that the currency is decentralized and has no governing authorities.

Watch this YouTube video for a detailed description on bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

This is a question that would have received a much different response 24 months ago, but as the Bitcoin phenomenon became increasingly mainstream, the level of security and overall progression of the technology has dramatically improved. The ASX even recently announced that they will soon convert all of their trading systems to use blockchain technology, which is a great sign of how the technology is evolving to become more mainstream. Some experts have predicted that the whole world will eventually convert to use blockchain technology. So yes, on some levels it offers an equal level of security as your local financial institution can when looking after your funds.


How to buy Bitcoin?

The best place to buy bitcoin in Australia is localbitcoins.com.au. There are numerous ways in which you are able to purchase bitcoin including a local meet-up with someone in your area.

The most popular way to purchase bitcoin is via cash deposit at a local bank. You simply deposit the funds into a sellers bank account at a local bank near you and they transfer you the bitcoins. No money is released until you receive your bitcoins, so it is completely safe to use.





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