“We pride ourselves on profits”. – FreeTipHub.com

What is Free Tip Hub

FreeTipHub is a hub for free tips. Who woulda guessed…

Okay seriously now, Free Tip Hub is an amazing place where punters from all over the world can access professional and profitable sports-betting tips absolutely free of charge. We pride ourselves on profits, It’s plain and simple really 😉

Oh and we don’t take ourselves too seriously!


What makes Free Tip Hub different from other tipping sites?

This is actually quite easy to answer.

At least 80% of tipping sites don’t make you money. So that puts us in the 20%.

Of those 20%, the majority will charge a subscription fee of some sort.

Of those small amount of sites still in the count, how many consistently record results for proof of profits/losses?

And of those very, very few left, how many tip 7 days a week?

So, if you can find another Australian site that a) consistently makes a profit, b) publicly records all their results, c) tips 7 days a week, and d) provides it all for absolutely nothing, then please, we would love to know about them (seriously), we would become supporters ourselves!


Check out some of our best work at FreeTipHub. It’s tipping performances like the one below that put us in the 1% category.

In the example below, we sent out on tips for race 3 on the 21/12/2017 at Seymour. We tipped both SUPPLYZING and BONFIRE GOLD at big odds. We even suggested that a boxed quinella be placed with numbers 1-7-11. The end result, as you can see from the image below, was a $594 quinella dividend. (Please point us to another free tipping site that can deliver you this level of quality).


Check the image below for our full preview of the above race as it was written by our senior form analyst Dylan Jackson on race-day. It takes an exceptionally good racing eye to spot ‘raw ability’ in a $101-chance – but that’s exactly what our form analyst managed to accomplish in this race.



So just a $70 investment ended up netting our followers over $6000!

Here is what the payout looked like.



So why do we provide our tips for free when so many others don’t?

A wise man once said, questions don’t have to make sense, but answers do. So with that in mind, we’ll do our best…

FreeTipHub was created because there was no other site out there like it.

The industry is riddled with filth and punters are an untrusting bunch at the best of times. We would know. We are a team of punters who are not considered ‘in the racing circle’ and we know how hard it is to trust tipping sources that only provide miracle results after the fact, yet expect an over-sized payment to be made in-trust before a tip is received.

Then there’s the free tipping sites out there (some owned by major corporations, others by greedy dimwits) who couldn’t consistently pick fruit let alone winning tips. And now we know why they don’t record there results(doh).

Punters also struggle to trust any source that is connected to a large corporation like a newspaper or TV station.

Who can blame us when all the ‘big names’ in tipping over the years have made the news for unethical behavior. Mind you, this ‘unethical behavior’ would be considered as criminal in the real world.

Some of those ‘big names’ include, Richard Calendar, Brent Zarafa, Dean Lester, and Simon Marshall. Ironically, the latter two people are now working for bookmakers and still giving out tips on TV. Sadly, punters are still following.

With all that being said, that’s why we wanted to provide our tips for the punters out there, and in the process of creating the site we just though, fuck it, let’s give them out for free. That way, not only is it really difficult for people out their to debate our authenticity, but we can also feel really good in the proceess.

A wise man also once said, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

And in this case, the truth is, as much as we would love to be the Mother Theresa of the punting world, it’s just not realistic. Websites cost money to run, and we put an enormous amount of our own money, time, effort, and energy into the site in order to provide these tips absolutely free.

That’s why there is only 1% of us.

But the only catch is, in order to maintain the longevity of FreeTipHub, we do have to run advertisements throughout the site and these may come across as annoying to some people.

We do please ask that you help ensure our longevity by supporting our advertisements (e.g using our site to get bonuses), and sharing us on social media.

Even those of you who survive on the bare minimum, you guys are the ones we really love to help, but you too can help us even just by sharing us on social media.

At the moment our focus is on survival and all proceeds go back into providing you with free racing and sports tips, but if we do happen to make an extra buck in the process, we’ll donate 10% to charity every month.


How do we get our tips?

There is no miracle system or software that we use at FreeTipHub, just hours and hours of hard work analyzing videos and form. We have experts in a number of fields who have studied and bet on their sports of choice for over 10 years, consistently making profits in the process.

We focus on an analytical and mathematical approach combined with hands-on human interaction that requires great skill that can not be bought.


What else?

Ultimately, the goal for us at FreeTipHub, is to be Australia’s #1 free tipping site with huge annual profits for all of our followers.

We would love to expand our site to feature more betting news, articles, and even interviews and stories with Australian punters, trainers, and jockeys. We need more than just our hard work to get there though, we need your support. So please join us on our quest and let’s make a mint in the process.

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